A few things I have learned recently culminated the other night into an ah ha light-bulb moment pertaining to the addition of condiments we add to food.

First off I learned that the benefit of having vinegar with a meal will lower the insulin spike from food. So… mustard, hot sauce and ketchup all have vinegar in there!

A note on sweet delicious ketchup: I have been avoiding sugar for a long time now and sadly that means no ketchup for me which I used to love in large quantities until I realized how much sugar was in there! I loved the sugar of course, it spikes the dopamine in our brains more than any drug.

Alternatively Mustard and hot sauce are now my go to condiments of choice, mustard being my favorite especially because of it’s Turmeric which has super anti-inflammatory effects.

Secondly, Companies and Government have used Ancel Keys’s (a public-health scientist who established a link between cholesterol and heart disease,created K rations for the US military, and studied starvation.) logic to remove healthy saturated fat from our diet. Think about that!, one government scientist science from around 1939 is telling us how to live our life!… and then we add Mayonnaise, which the majority is made from super inflammatory vegetable oil.

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